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The "Türkiye-Mauritania Trade House" was opened with a ceremony in Nuakchot, the capital of Mauritania.

We would like to proudly announce that we are one of the first three Turkish companies located in the Turkey-Mauritania Trade House in Nuakchot, the capital of Mauritania. In this important opening ceremony, we were pleased with the intense interest of you, our esteemed entrepreneurs and the people of Mauritania.

Turkey's Ambassador to Nuakchott, Akif Menevşe, who spoke at the opening of the commercial establishment opened by Turkish entrepreneurs, wished that the said enterprise, which will serve as a commercial bridge between Turkey and Mauritania, would set a precedent for new collaborations and initiatives in different fields.

Menevşe stated that as the embassy, they will provide all kinds of support and convenience to Turkish citizens who want to invest in Mauritania.

Turkey-Mauritania Trade House General Manager Ubeyd Koç stated in his statement that they witnessed the close interest and accompaniment of the Turkish Embassy in Nuakchott in the process until the opening of the aforementioned business, in response to the increasing interest and demand for Turkish products in Mauritania. He said they opened the business.

The citizens of Mauritania showed great interest in the "Turkey-Mauritania Trade House", where products from Turkey were exhibited.

Türkiye-Mauritania Trade House